Citrate-Zn/Al Layered Double Hydroxide as Adsorbent of Congo Red from Aqueous Solution


  • Nurlisa Hidayati
  • Neza Rahayu Palapa
  • Bakri Rio Rahayu
  • Risfidian Mohadi
  • Elfita Elfita
  • Aldes Lesbani



Layered double hydroxide (LDH) of Zn/Al and citrate-Zn/Al was prepared and used as an adsorbent of Congo red from aqueous solution. LDH was characterized by X-ray, FTIR, and BET analysis. Adsorption of Congo red was studied through kinetic, isotherm, and thermodynamic analyses. Zn/Al LDH has diffraction at 10.29o (003) with interlayer distance 8.59 Å and citrate-Zn/Al LDHs have anomalous diffraction at 7.57o (003) with interlayer distance 11.68 Å. The surface area of citrate-Zn/Al (40.50 m2 g-1) has higher than pristine LDH (1.97 m2 g-1). Adsorption of Congo red was conducted at pH 6 for Zn/Al LDH and at pH 8 for citrate-Zn/Al LDH. Adsorption of Congo red on both LDHs follows the pseudo-second-order kinetic model. The isotherm parameter follows the Freundlich isotherm model with maximum adsorption capacity 166.67 mg g-1 for Zn/Al and 249.99 mg g-1 for citrate-Zn/Al LDH. Adsorption of Congo red on both LDHs was classified as physical adsorption with energy 4.085-4.148 kJ mol-1. 


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