Reductive amination of fusidane triterpenoid ketones


  • Elena Salimova Institute of Petrochemistry and Catalysis of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Andrey Mamaev
  • Elena Tretyakova
  • Olga Kukovinets
  • Lyudmila Parfenova



New nitrogen-containing analogues of fusidane triterpenoids were synthesized via the reductive amination of 3,11-dioxo derivatives of fusidic acid and its methyl ester by primary and secondary amines (BunNH2, Pyrrolidine, NH2CH2CH2NH2) in the presence of sodium borohydrides. The reaction proceeds with high chemo- and stereoselectivity and gives 3β-amino substituted products with yields of 75-88%.


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Organic Chemistry