The dielectric and electrical proprieties of Ethylcarbazole family based copolymer


  • Hussam Bouaamlat
  • Nasr Hadi
  • Hayat Sadki
  • Mohammed Bennani
  • Farid Abdi
  • Tajeddine Lamcharfi
  • Mohammed Bouachrine
  • Mustapha Abarkan



The dielectric and electrical proprieties of Ethylcarbazole family based copolymer such as Poly(Ethylcarbazole-Terphenyl) (PEcbz-Ter), Poly(Ethylcarbazole-Anthracene) (PEcbz-Ant) and Poly(Ethylcarbazole-Furan) (PEcbz-Fur) were investigated over the frequency range from 1 kHz to 2 MHz. The dielectric constant ε'r for (PEcbz-Ter), (PEcbz-Ant) and (PEcbz-Fur) pellets was found to decrease as the frequency increases and it was recorded a value of 11 7 , 11 6 and 7 6 respectively at 1 kHz. The dielectric loss was investigated and have a value below 1% at 11 kHz, which is suitable for several energy storage applications.


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Materials Chemistry