About the Journal

Focus and Scope

The scope of the journal includes all issues in the field of chemistry ranging from organic or inorganic chemistry to environmental or medicinal chemistry, among others.

During the submission process, authors may choose the appropriate section corresponding to the submitted manuscript.

Peer Review Process

The submitted manuscripts are scanned by the Editor for their originality and importance to the journal readers. Those not responding to these conditions or those who are subject to plagiarism are automatically rejected. 
The accepted for review are sent to Associated Editors who assign them to at least three referees.
Once the reviews are achieved, Editorial comments are sent to the author who is expected to reply by performing the adequate corrections.
The final decision to accept or to reject the manuscript depends on the answers  provided by the authors to reviewer comments and the established corrections in the revised manuscript.

The journal follows the practice of single-blind review keeping reviewer identities anonymous to the authors.  

Direct submissions are accepted by all researchers. Authors do not need to have any connection with the editorial members to publish in Mediterranean Journal of Chemistry. The Editors are due to treat all authors with fairness, objectivity, honesty and transparency.

Submissions that do not conform to the general criteria for publication will be returned to the authors without detailed review, typically within 1 to 3 days. Otherwise, manuscripts will go through the revision process and a first decision will be sent to the authors within 4 weeks, on average.

The possible decisions on a manuscript are:

  • Accept submission
  • Revisions required
  • Resubmit for review
  • Decline submission

If minor revision is required, authors should return a revised version within 15 days. If other experiments are necessary, authors may ask for a derogation.

Once accepted, the revised papers can be made immediately available online. If the review process takes more time due to special circumstance, the authors will be informed by email. 

Publication Frequency

Mediterranean Journal of Chemistry works in continuous publication, the manuscripts are published in the current issue immediately after their final acceptance. The frequency of publication is bimonthly.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

Publication Fee and Payment policy

After submission; a free of charge procedure; your manuscript will be evaluated by experts in your field. Your manuscript may be accepted directly for publication or some revisions may be required before publication. In these two cases, a publication fee of $180 must be paid covers a portion of the costs for the journal maintenance and the acquisition of open access for your article. You will receive a printable receipt by email and you may pay directly in your bank or by other Payment Modes.

Once you pay the due fee, you will receive the editorial comments, in order to make the request corrections and to proceed to publication of your work. If this later receives a negative decision (decline manuscript), no fees are required.

Withdrawal policy

Some authors may present a withdrawal request signed by all the authors of the manuscript within 2 days after submission. A request made after the reviewers' comments have been sent to the authors, implies a waste of the tremendous effort made in the processing of the paper and will cost a penalty of 75% of the article publication charges levied on the authors.


We are looking for original material that has never been published before. Any overlapping in the submitted manuscript from another work will be sanctioned. If the overlapping is minors, less than 20%, the authors will be asked to change the text with similarities. However, if the overlapping extend to different parts of the paper, this later, unfortunately, will be rejected.