Conference Proceedings

The journal publishes research articles and communications from scientific meetings in all research fields in chemistry as conference proceedings.

These conference proceedings include the selected high-quality research articles from papers initially submitted for different meetings around a specific subject.The review of articles is provided by the scientific committees of conferences whose the process of reviewing is in accord with the criteria of the journal. To homogenize the presentation of articles, they are edited in the style and format provided by the editor of Mediterranean Journal of Chemistry.

The journal publishes also special issues as part of the regular journal issues. They are edited in the style and format of the Mediterranean Journal of Chemistry. All articles published in special issues are subject to peer-review.


All conference proceedings are free to access online

Conference Proceedings of the 4th International Summer School on Quantum Electronic Calculations CapZeo2014    PDF

Conference Proceedings of the Molecular Electronic Structure 2014 (MES 2014) Symposium                                            PDF

Conference Proceedings of the Journée Nationale de Chimie (ICDI-2018)                                                                              PDF