Electrical conductivity study of poly(p-anisidine) doped and undoped ZnO nanocomposite


  • Rathidevi K Assistant professor Department of Chemistry Kumaraguru College of Technology Coimbatore
  • Velmani N Assistant professor Department of Chemistry Government Arts college Coimbatore
  • Tamilselvi D Assistant professor Department of Chemistry Rathinam Technical Campus Coimbatore




Polymeric blends of Poly (p-anisidine) with ZnO nanoparticles was prepared by chemical oxidative polymerization. Zinc oxide doped PPA polymer nanocomposite (ZPPA) and Magnesium doped Zinc oxide PPA polymer nanocomposite (MZPPA) were synthesized with the addition of semiconductor metal oxide to the polymeric solution. The X-ray diffraction studies of ZnO nanoparticles showed hexagonal wurzite structure. The surface morphological study also confirms the formation of hexagonal structured nanoparticles. The peak for Magnesium and Zinc in EDS spectra confirms the formation of Magnesium doped polymer nanocomposite. The addition of ZnO/MgZnO onto PPA conducting polymer showed agglomeration of semiconductor material results in spherical shaped polymer nanocomposite and irregular overlapping over the PPA polymeric surface. The electrochemical conductivity studies suggested that the doped PPA conducting polymeric blends showed enhanced conductivity nature.


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