Assessment of trace metal contamination in peri-urban soils in the region of Kenitra - Morocco


  • Mohammed El Azzouzi Faculté des Sciences
  • Yahya El Idrissi Faculté des Sciences
  • Bouamar Baghdad
  • Soukaina El Hasini
  • Hamid Saufi
  • El Habib El Azzouzi



The spatial distribution of trace metals in peri-urban soils from Kenitra city (Morocco) was investigated. A total of 10 soil samples (0-20 cm depth) were collected from the studied area. The physicochemical properties including pH, electrical conductivity and texture were determined. Contents of 6 trace metals (Cd, Cr, Cu, Ni, Zn and Pb) were measured using Atomic Absorption Spectrometry method (AAS). The results showed that soils of Kenitra city have a sandy texture with a predominance of alkaline pH. The analyzed soil samples can be considered as no salt due to low electrical conductivity values. The trace metals contents revealed that soils are uncontaminated.


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Environmental Chemistry