Elaboration and structural characterization of phosphate glasses with composition 37.5Na2O-25[(1-x)MgO-xNiO]-37.5P2O5 (0≤x≤1)


  • Laila Lamrous Hassan II University of Casablanca, Faculty of Sciences Ben M’sik,
  • Redouane Farid Hassan II University of Casablanca, Faculty of Sciences Ben M’sik
  • Abdelaziz El Jazouli Hassan II University of Casablanca, Faculty of Sciences Ben M’sik
  • Saida Krimi Hassan II University of Casablanca, Faculty of Sciences Ain chock,
  • Mustapha Haddad Université Moulay Ismail, Faculté des Sciences,
  • Hassane Oudadesse Univ Rennes,
  • Said Sebti Hassan II University of Casablanca, Faculty of Sciences Ben M’sik
  • Michel Couzi Université de Bordeaux ,




Phosphate glasses, with molar compositions 37.5Na2O-25[(1-x)MgO-xNiO]-37.5P2O5 (0 ≤ x ≤ 1), have been prepared using the conventional melt quenching technique. The free nickel glass is colorless while the glasses containing nickel are yellow. The effect of Ni2+ ions on structural and physico-chemical properties of these glasses has been investigated by XRD, DTA, EPR, Raman, FTIR spectroscopies and by density and chemical durability measurements. Substitution of Ni2+ for Mg2+ strengthens the glass network, as shown by the decrease of the molar volume, the increase of the glass transition temperature, and the improvement of the chemical durability. This behavior is a consequence of the replacement of Mg-O bonds by more covalent Ni-O bonds. The glass structure consists of tri-phosphate (P3O10) 5- and di-phosphate (P2O7) 4- groups, and Mg/NiO6 octahedra, with Mg-O-P and Ni-O-P linkages.

Author Biographies

Laila Lamrous, Hassan II University of Casablanca, Faculty of Sciences Ben M’sik,

Chemistry Department, LCMS/LCPCE – URAC17,

Abdelaziz El Jazouli, Hassan II University of Casablanca, Faculty of Sciences Ben M’sik

Chemistry Department, LCMS – URAC17,

Saida Krimi, Hassan II University of Casablanca, Faculty of Sciences Ain chock,

Chemistry Department, LPCMI,

Mustapha Haddad, Université Moulay Ismail, Faculté des Sciences,

Laboratoire de Spectrométrie des Matériaux et Archéomatériaux (LASMAR), URAC 11,

Hassane Oudadesse, Univ Rennes,


Said Sebti, Hassan II University of Casablanca, Faculty of Sciences Ben M’sik

Chemistry Department, LCPCE – URAC17

Michel Couzi, Université de Bordeaux ,

Institut des Sciences Moléculaires, CNRS UMR


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Inorganic Chemistry