Solubility in the ternary system MgCl2-FeCl2-H2O at 288 K by conductance method


  • Abdelkhalek Marrouche Ibn Zohr University
  • Brahim Bouargane Ibn Zohr University
  • Assia Mabrouk CEMHTI CNRS UPR3079, Orléans
  • Mohamed Ghali Biyoune Ibn Zohr University
  • Ahmed Bachar Ibn Zohr University
  • Ali Atbir Ibn Zohr University
  • Larbi Boukbir Ibn Zohr University
  • Saíd Mançour-Billah Ibn Zohr University
  • Raddoine Bellajrou Ibn Zohr University
  • Miloud El Hadek Ibn Zohr University



Experimental studies on the solubility of the ternary system MgCl2-FeCl2-H2O at 288 K were determined using a synthetic method based on conductivity measurements. The corresponding solid-liquid phase diagram has been plotted. As can be concluded in the ternary system at 288 K, there are two eutectic points, three crystallization fields corresponding to MgCl2.6H2O, FeCl2.4H2O and solid solution Fe(1-x)MgxCl2.10H2O) with 0 < x ≤ 0.38 were found. However, no double salt has been formed at the studied temperature.


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