Application of Commercial Adsorbent for Rare earth elements - Uranium Mutual Separation and Purification


  • Ahmed Hussien Orabi Nuclear Material Authority
  • Kamal Rabia Nuclear Material Authority
  • Elsayed Elshereafy Chemistry Dept., Faculty of Science, Minoufia University, Cairo, Egypt
  • Amany Salem Nuclear Material Authority



The treatment of rare earths sulfate liquor contaminated with traces of uranium as radioactive contaminates utilizing lewatit mono plus M500 was studied. Adsorption behavior was studied by batch experiments to determine the optimum conditions for uranium removal. The obtained equilibrium data were found to be satisfactory fitted with Langmuir isotherm and the second order rate equation. Also, elution process was achieved by 2M NaCl/1M HCl solution and the reuse of sorbent remains appreciable. A marketable pure product of rare earth oxide was prepared in addition to pure sodium diuranate containing total uranium content of the starting REEs cake.

Author Biographies

Ahmed Hussien Orabi, Nuclear Material Authority

Associate Professor of chemistry- head of uranium and thorium lab  in nuclear material authority

Kamal Rabia, Nuclear Material Authority

Professor of chemistry- head of production section  in nuclear material authority

Elsayed Elshereafy, Chemistry Dept., Faculty of Science, Minoufia University, Cairo, Egypt

Professor of chemistry-Chemistry Dept., Faculty of Science, Minoufia University, Cairo, Egypt

Amany Salem, Nuclear Material Authority

Doctor of chemistry - Nuclear Material Authority


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Inorganic Chemistry